Meraki Family Pro 500g

Meraki Family Pro 500g

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Brand - Meraki

Type - Nutritional Supplement

Form - Powder

Flavor – Premium Chocolate

Quantity - 500 gm


It is a delicious enriched nutritious drink, easy to prepare & digest, it provides vital energy & stamina, and it is ideal supplement for nutritional needs of active nursing women trackers and adventure tourists as well as patients recovering from long illness & general debility. Helpful in stimulating the immune system, Promotes the development of lean body mass, Promotes intestinal health & Fights harmful pathogens.

Benefits of Family Pro

It contains elements like protein, calcium & vitamin D that support the formation of fetal tissue, bones and teeth. During pregnancy and after delivery your body goes through many physiological changes, including a need for increased nutrients and energy. Family Pro helps provide the extra nutrition and energy to help you care for your newborn. Family Pro Tasty Chocolate Flavor Powder is a complete and balanced nutrition diet useful during pregnancy and lactation. It is a healthy, balanced diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients that are essential for the development of the baby. It has necessary elements like folic acid, choline & iodine to support fetal brain growth and minimize the risk of neural tube defects. The key elements such as antioxidant vitamin C & E help support the immune system.

Key Features

stimulating the immune system, and gain weight
Promotes the development of lean body mass
Promotes intestinal health & Fights harmful pathogens
Support formation of fetal tissue, bones and teeth
Can be taken during pre or post pregnancy
Antioxidant Vitamins C & E to help support the immune system
Folic Acid and Choline & Iodine for brain development
Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D for growth
Fiber supports a healthy digestive system
Low fat content
No trans-fat
Gives balanced nutrition
For pregnant and lactating women
Ensures proper growth of the baby
Helps support the nutritional needs during pregnancy and helps restore the nutritional status after child bearing

Items Included in Package
500 gm Nutritional Supplement – Meraki Family Pro – Herbs with Protein Tasty Chocolate Flavor

How to Use:

To make a delicious drink mix 10gm / 2 T-spoon of Granules with 200ml Luke warm milk then stir well. This drink can be taken 2-4 times a day as desired with advice of your physician.


Store below 25 degree in cool & dry place. Don't refrigerate. Protect from direct sun light.

This product has been manufactured at a well equipped FSSAI, TQV, ASCAB, ISO 22000:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing plant which ensures you get a high quality and efficacious product.

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