Apera Honey [ 250gram ]


Apera Honey [ 250gram ]

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Apera Honey [ 250gram ]

  • Total Weight: 250G, Shelf Life: 730 days, Ingredient Feature: Veg, Storage Instruction: Store in cool and dry place, List of Included Items: 1 Bottle of Honey
  • EUCALYPTUS HONEY: Taste a spoonful of this finger-licking honey which brings an aroma of wild Eucalyptus forests and refreshes your soul. It promotes digestive health and strengthens the immune system. It can also be applied topically on your skin for multiple beauty and skincare treatments.
  • 100% natural eucalyptus honey – nectar collected by bees from eucalyptus blossom. Eucalyptus honey is also known to have anti-aging properties with pure wellness
  • This Honey is strengthening, blood-forming, blood-purifying, nourishing and builds your appetite. Eucalyptus honey is also known to have anti-aging properties oozing with pure goodness. Claimed to be good for coughs and colds.
  • Eucalyptus honey: Here is eucalyptus honey that is raw honey, pure and unprocessed. It comes directly from our bee hives kept in their natural form. You will love its strong taste and all its benefits.

The Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial properties of Farm Naturelle Raw honey help you to build huge immunity, fight cold & cough, digestion issues and s

easonal allergies. Raw honey also helps heal cuts, wounds & small burns. Raw Honey helps in managing your weight by enhancing your body metabolism

Our Eucalyptus honey has a distinct taste and aroma with no added sugar, additives or color.

This honey serves as a great anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antiseptic, deodorant, antibacterial and antispasmodic.

No Preservatives Our products are completely natural without any artificial preservatives flavours or colours, bringing nature into your homes.

Sweeten your wholesome lifestyle with this Eucalyptus honey. collected by bees from eucalyptus blossoms. It serves as a natural sweetener for food and beverages and can be an ideal substitute for sugar. This natural Eucalyptus honey is a healthy alternative for satisfying your sweet tooth.

100% Pure & Natural Honey .Super Bee Natural Honey Guarantees 100 % Pure Honey Without Sugar.

Taste and flavor: Our Eucalyptus Honey has a unique and strong taste. People love its earthy, natural flavor. Enjoy it with your favorite sweets, in your breakfast or just with plain water!

Natural Honey Contains Vitamins And Minerals Assists In Reducing Cough And Throat Irritation As It Has Antibacterial And Anti-Fungal Properties And Phytonutrients.

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