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Why to be a ClickNit Drop Master ?

Benefits of being a ClickNit Drop Master

Best Use Of Morning Time

Every person want to make their morning very special and want to start with yoga, exercise, meditation etc.. So we thought if we could give best solution for “Earning While Walking”. Clicknit is India’s best daily micro-delivery service. Build on the unique Indian habit of getting fresh milk delivered home every morning. Our drop master works only for morning slot which is starts from 4 am and ends at 7 am where you get delivery drop for your selected surrounding area.


Incredible incentives

In addition to earning for each delivery you complete, you earn various attractive incentives on a daily, weekly, monthly basis as well as special incentives. These are designed to help you meet your financial aspirations, as you can earn more while morning walk.


Super rewards

Top-performing DMs are always recognised and rewarded, be it for excellent performance, being a loyal ClickNit DM, or for punctuality.


Your second home

At ClickNit, our Drop Masters are our family, and any of the DMs will tell you about the special moments they spend with the ClickNit family of managers and fellow DMs, celebrating major festivals together, regular meetings to share experiences and building valuable friendships.


So, what are you waiting for? We welcome you to the ClickNit family – join us today!


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